Heli-X is a one-stop aviation company in Cape Town operating both a flight training school and charter company. The school is comprised of helicopters, a FNPT II simulator and fixed-wing aircraft, catering for all students, whether local or international. We at Heli-X offer professional instruction to aspiring and experienced pilots, as well as bespoke tours and packages to cater for any individual, couple or group.

We are based in the Signature Building at Cape Town International Airport within the General Aviation Area. Our schools mission is to produce exceptional, safe and self-respecting pilots of the future.

In addition to our bespoke tours and charter packages, we also specialize in helicopter filming and private charter. We are the chosen aerial film charter company for many Western Cape sporting events and pride ourselves in going the extra mile to create an exceptional service and experience.

ATO: 0163
AOC: N1189D and G1190D

METAR and TAF for Cape Town (FACT)

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FACT 180000Z 35005KT 9999 FEW020 BKN045 19/19 Q1011 NOSIG


TAF FACT 171600Z 1718/1824 22010KT 9999 SCT012 BKN020 TX23/1809Z TN17/1804Z PROB30 TEMPO 1721/1806 3000 -DZ BKN012 FM180800 27013KT 9999 FEW015 SCT025 FM181100 19015KT 9999 -RA SCT012 BKN025 TEMPO 1812/1815 4500 RA BKN008 FM181500 20018KT 9999 SCT035


Various Temperatures

Temperature (normalized Integer ° C): 19° C
Dew Point Temp (normalized integer ° C): 19° C


Let your helicopter career take off from Heli-X! We offer Ab-Initio helicopter training, advanced training, conversions to type, instrument and night ratings, as well as instructor’s ratings.

Student Booking Login

Students can Log In and book sessions. Click here to go to the student Login

Introductory Flights

If you are considering becoming a recreational or commercial helicopter pilot, an introductory flight with Heli-X gives you that opportunity

Private Pilot License (PPL)

This course adheres to Civil Aviation Regulations and aims to provide you with the necessary aeronautical skill, knowledge and experience

Type Conversions

This course is ideal for commercial pilots wanting to further their careers by learning to fly different types of helicopters

Night Rating

The Night Rating enables pilots to fly helicopters in Visual Met Conditions (VMC) at night, which legally takes place 15 minutes after sunset

Instrument Ratings

The Instrument Rating enables pilots to fly by reference to instruments. Training is carried out in our fully instrument equipped helicopter

Commercial License

At Heli-X, we are fully equipped to assist experienced aviators who wish to become commercial pilots in preparing for their flight skills tests.

Crew Resource Management

We provide theoretical ground courses in Crew Resource Management (CRM). These are a requirement for commercial pilots

Instructor’s Rating

Our Grade III Flight Instructor (H) rating course trains candidates to the level of proficiency required for the issue of this advanced rating

Sling Rating

We will make more information available soon.

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Contact Number: 021 934 0114

Student Booking Login:
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2 Douglas Road, General Aviation Area, Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town, 7490

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